Cherry’s Bio

Cherry Zonkowski is a self-identified attention whore who will tell anyone anything about herself at the drop of a hat, and she carries a droppin’ hat at all times. After she lost her virginity to a guy with a mullet, she vowed to live her life to its white-trash, melted-cheese, Bud-drinking fullest. Her tits are real (duh) but her name is fake. She was once featured in the Norwegian porn magazine Cupido; she can tell the difference between bacon and coffee by smell alone; and her proudest achievement, before Bawdy Storytelling, was getting her freaky friends to dress up like Catholic schoolgirls and pummel each other in the infamous Catholic Schoolgirl Rumble. Other highlights of her life: Billy Barty once bought her dinner and Spalding Gray interviewed her on stage. Cherry has performed before: at the Marsh Theater, as part of the Shelton Theater’s Solo House, at Porchlight, at Tell It on Tuesday, and as part of Perverts Put Out, and Bawdy Storytelling (many times), Memoir Spool and Fireside Storytelling. Cherry Zonkowski’s Marsh Rising performance of Reading My Dad’s Porn and French Kissing the Dog was a sold out boffo success, and you’ll have the chance to catch the show again at The Marsh between June 24th and 17th for just 15 dollars. Buy tickets now!