I am so sick of being good this week. I have been excruciatingly saintly. I have visited the sick and cooked and taken care of people and walked dogs and told people painful truths for their own good and I am fucking sick of it. I am so good you might as well call me Jesus, and I need some debauchery and pampering NOW.
So let’s continue with my Christmas wishlist,

D is for dildo and that’s good enough for me:

devil dildo
What I really want are little outfits so I can dress up my dildos! SO FUN!

And also I could dress it up like this:

elephant dildo
I want a whole Noah’s ark set of dildos

And whole I am having fun dressing up my dildos I am going to need to stay lubricated, so I am definitely going to need one of these:

cherry flask
Please please please please please?

Naturally, of course, my Christmas list boils down to liquor and porn. Because everyone loves liquor and porn!
Hope everyone had a happy Tday!