My first blog post

My very first blog post! Hello and welcome!

So I’m sitting here and it’s Sunday afternoon, and the floor looks like Christmas. Yesterday I bought myself a new printer and the detritus from set up is still all over the floor. In a minute I’ll hoist the thing into its home and start printing the script, and tonight I’m scheduled to do my very very first full run through since last summer, which I will need the script for because it’s all gone kind of mushy in my brain. Not to mention the fact that over the last week I have been aggressively tearing up and rewriting crucial pieces of the last act, in an attempt to somehow write a brief monologue that sums up my thinking on identity and freedom and the relationship of these concepts to sex parties and crazy art parties, a monologue that should be both, according to David Ford, super director, intellectually rigorous and organic to the moment, and also has to be really funny and moving and not one bit trite.

Also over the past week I have been dealing with learning how to use this website, getting the poster made (a cosmic kerfuffle that has cost me friends and left a trail of broken glass, blood and feathers), and trying to make plans for a promotional video. Even setting up the printer maimed me a little: the process ground to a halt, I had to call the tech monkey, and he ma’amed me so frequently and offensively I got three new wrinkles and a swath of grey hair.

I’m not entirely certain I’m going to survive this show.

And the tickets aren’t even on sale yet.